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Talked to my local dealership and they got one allocation with no brake calipers options. Also talked to about 4 others dealerships from WA to Cali and they don't have allocation #'s yet. They said no discount will be given, either will be close to msrp for WA dealerships and Cali dealerships over msrp. 🤦🏻*♂️

Don't really understand the allocation process but can you guys please shed some light for me? Why is it so hard to order a car? Even though a dealership doesn't get an allocation, can I place an order with them?
You can place an order with them. They'll fill you when they choose to fill you. They must have a priority system. They get allocations and will probably cover their best clients or best prices first.

I myself got lucky in that I ordered with a discount for a 2021, but that car could not be built because it was ordered in May and they got no new allocations.

The dealership will honor my price once they get an allocation, but my big risk here is how long they choose to take to fill me. Although I'm technically one of the first orders, they might make me wait to fill those MSRP orders first…
Thank you, honestly I don't even care for a discount at this point. Don't mind getting it at msrp just not over but feels like it's so hard to even buy one even if you are ready financially.
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