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Originally Posted by ParadigmDawg View Post
It's a fast car and actually holds the Nuremberg record for fastest SUV lap so it can corner well. They tested the actual SUV but the Coupe is supposed to outperform it on the track. With mine lowered it is close to zeron body-roll.

Yep, my GLE 63s also ate tries at that rate.

BTW, I'm not here bashing on BMWs, I love them and the M3 that comes out in AWD will be a consideration of mine. My M40 which was tuned was also a fun car.
Oh, I totally get that you're not bashing BMW. It's always fun to compare similar cars. Some people get way too caught up in what THEY purchased and get butthurt.

All the current "fast" SUV's have something awesome to offer.

I can't wait to see more Dragy/1/4 mile slips for both cars in the future.
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