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Originally Posted by doberzus View Post
I'd be really curious to see how they compare with some Dragy results or some 1/4 mile slips.
Agreed - hard to beat 1/4 mile slips with date, time, and DA. Even more ideal if they also note octane and vehicle weight (or at least fuel load), esp if quibbling over a few tenths of a sec or mph. Although the mags are helpful, their track worksheets show some also use weather-dependent correction factors for their reported results. It isn't clear to me whether every group uses these, or even if they use the same methodology if they do.

Here's a comparison of the interval times for this varied vehicle group. The M3 differences are hundredths of sec but show a gradual increasing interval consistent with it's smaller 'Cd x A'. The M5C's time difference was faster in the first interval then decreased some. The Urus likewise had it's largest difference in the 60'-330' which lessened with the higher intervals. And the Trackhawk seemed to show a widening gap until the final interval.

Would be more intriguing with the X3M/4M's competitors, like the AR SQ, SVR, GLC63 series, to see where tuning/engines/torque variations might help and in which intervals the differences arise (early or late).

And obviously, the more runs we have to analyze the more relevant the trends could be...
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