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Adding this comparison of models as reference to the X3MC's capabilities. We only have one formal drag slip (thanks again to IND for providing). Dragy offers advantages as easy to perform, but nothing beats formal slips at a documented raceway with dates and time of run (when one can research past weather to obtain proper DA numbers). Also, this removes the rolling start equation (nothing wrong with that, it just makes it more difficult for comparison purposes).

So trying to figure out how the competition STOCK fits in the equations, if anyone has actual slips of MB, AR, SVR, ... would be interesting to see the interval times. Personally, this isn't about who crosses first as I could care less about R/T (some may and that's fine), but just trying to sort out the performance aspects of the vehicle - V8 vs 6, aerodynamics, weight, engineering. X5M, X6M, all takers welcome (stock, formal slip).

And yeah, the M5C isn't fair in this, but just providing reference interval points. It is tough to find stock runs of anything to compare anymore...

Any contributions much appreciated.
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