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I also wanted a way to showcase Mnfrs' methods for improving aerodynamics. It is one thing to load a large platform with a huge HP engine and get great 0-60 times and good cargo room. Just as it is with making a(n) SAV more aerodynamic by removing cargo room. Both produce a good result for some areas but at a sacrifice to another category. But - the ability to combine performance, cargo, and aerodynamics really defines the ultimate for many purchasing in this SAV genre. So in addition to the P-SAVI, or 'Performance SAV Index' which analyzes performance and cargo vol, (with the formula 0-60 time x Wt/HP ratio divided by Cargo Vol), I've now added the P-SAVIE, or 'Performance SAV Index Enhanced' which now multiplies the P-SAVI by the Cd and the A. This allows improved separation between the larger and less aerodynamic performance SAVs.

One example - the Jaguar F-Pace S. It has good aerodynamics and a reasonable frontal area, low weight, and excellent cargo room. If Jaguar increases its HP from 380 to the upper 400s while keeping the other variables reasonably similar, it could prove a formidable competitor in this group. Likewise, Porsche and Mercedes already have the power options, but their cargo room ranks in the lowest which lowers their cumulative index.

As witnessed by sales of the Macan not everyone cares about cargo volume, and a lot of other important variables come into the mix when buying a performance SAV (handling being key, interior design and infotainment, etc), but the charts can assist in highlighting some of the features each bring to the table.
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