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Originally Posted by kozzi View Post
An S58 rated at @485HP that actually puts out @500HP would be a big win. Hearing HP numbers as low as 420HP just hurts my feelings.
After analyzing these Performance SAV numbers I can't see how BMW would introduce the X3M with HP less than ~490. The competition in this segment is already intense and only going to increase, and rather quickly I suspect as Mnfrs keep raising the bar.

Aside from luxury and design which are inherent in most current gen models and/or come down to personal taste, performance and cargo/utility are important factors when choosing a Performance SAV. Price is a consideration but that is clearer to understand between the offerings. Fuel economy is relevant but at these HP ratings, combined mileage probably wouldn't sway one over another (unless hybrid/electric come into the equation).

It seemed a "Performance SAV Index" using Wt/HP multiplied by 0-60 time (to account for performance) then divided by cargo volume would yield a number which identifies maximum performance combined with cargo load (low number better). So I have now included that as a column along with cargo volume and provided sorts based on those as well. I also changed the X3M's est 0-60 times after reviewing the HP/Wt vs 0-60 time charts.

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