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Doubt many in the 1980s-90s could have forecasted the current explosive growth in the SAV market, and Mnfrs are now investing heavily in this segment. If BMW doesn't have preconceived ideas as to how they select engine power for their model lines (such as not allowing a lower series model to have more performance than an upper series), then they will give the X3M a real chance to compete even in the upper echelon of this category.

If they allow the X3M to produce 490HP, that will place their 'Wt/HP' in the top four of all of these 27 performance models. And comparing the 0-60 times with the Wt/HP numbers, no doubt it will easily hit the sub-4.0 range. And if they can improve the Cd even further (? air suspension and lowering at speed), it'll be one of the elite, no doubt. Will be interesting to see how they position it.
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