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Updated Performance SAV Compilation Tables

Updated in the 1st post - now includes the additional SAVs kozzi requested. Despite trying I've been unable to find the Cds for MB's AMG GLC models, nor the exterior dimensions of it's 63 series models, nor Qtr mile times for those either. Also couldn't find verifiable Qtr mile times of the X6 50i or Stelvio Quadrifoglia.

I've done 2 filter sorts - one by 0-60mph times and the more important one (IMHO), by Wt/HP. Unless something is off by frontal surface area (A) and/or transmission sluggishness/tires the Wt/HP ratio appears to predict the 0-60 times pretty well as one would expect (which is why I think the X3M at 490HP should certainly come in under 4.0 sec, and which is why BMW may end up countering the 63S preemptively by aiming for that). At this lower speed Cd probably doesn't enter significantly into the equation.

Given my interest in aerodynamic efficiency, I also want to run each of these in the HP vs Speed simulation to see what HP is required to maintain a constant speed at 140mph, which is where a major separation between all of these should become apparent. It is one thing to use brute force (high HP) to push a vehicle through the air (see Jeep), and another to have a more efficient (in frontal area and Cd) slip through easier (see many of the models). But I need the width x ht of the MBs and their Cds if those are to be included.

I'll also post the two tables on the X3 M40i forum as it might be seen by more folks who can provide the missing information.
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