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Originally Posted by kozzi View Post
Just had a chance to read through this Max Well...well done sir. Your data input on 0-60 times is consistent across the board. Hopefully as more of these vehicles are tested you could update the spreadsheet. As a suggestion, it would be interesting to add the following vehicles as they fall under simular size and class...

As a side note, I am a little disappointed that BMW did not up the HP on the X3 M40i like they will on the upcoming M340i to @380HP. That would have put BMW way ahead in this class. Regardless, the X3M looks to be the real deal as it approaches 500HP.
Thank you for the kind words, kozzi. I'll work on adding the vehicles you mention and add to the Wt/HP spreadsheet. And regarding the X3 M40i HP, if it is the same engine and just a matter of tweaking, is that something they can modify fairly easily in an LCI version? They may be waiting to get the X3M out and possibly still deciding on its HP, or do you think it is already set for the M?
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