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F97 X3M & F98 X4M 1/4 Mile Data

Edit 9 Mar 2022 1254PM - I've amended this OP to provide a link to the current All Class Leaderboards for the F97/98. The intent is to have one location easily referenced for those not interested in searching through all pages chronologically. The description of that post, #386 [ ] reads:

***F97 X3M & F98 X4M 1/4 Mile Class Leader Boards - will be edited to maintain currency as new submissions provided and referenced in the OP to aid locating***

**Edit 4 Apr 2022 545PM** - I added the 'Comparative Analysis of Dragy vs Formal Slip Results at Gainesville Raceway', post #387

Original post #1 from 30 Nov 2017 continues below:

Here are the simulation runs for the X3M at 460 HP and 490 HP with the other numbers as discussed in the thread by beammeupscottie, 'X3M V8' [ ]. As with the other runs it has difficulty handling the first 2 sec or so because of the complex friction variables which come into play at takeoff (sub-4 is likely), but should be reasonably consistent at the higher speeds.
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