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Originally Posted by colson79
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No the fog light issue was on even in park so not sure what that is all about. An I know that the last time this happened it was a bad solenoid an they had the x3 for over a week to have the part shipped in. So not sure what this is about but it's so frustrating I have a 330 an have had no issues for years an yet this one an its been in the shop so many times.
That's normal if you have adaptive lighting. If you push the fog light button then both fog lights will be on. If you don't actually turn the fog lights on by pushing the button and you have automatic headlights turned on with the adaptive headlights only one fog light will turn on when you are in park.

According to the owners manual on page 82, "To avoid blinding on coming traffic the Adaptive Light Control directs light towards the front passenger side when the vehicle is at a stand still." And since the fog lights are turn on and off depending on the direction of the adaptive lights that is why you only see one light on when parked. If you started driving straight the light would go out and neither fog light would be on. The only way to have both fog lights on is do push the button.
Thank you for your help Colson.
I called the dealership an was asked to bring the x3 in today so they could check an see what's going on with all of these warnings. I will keep you all posted on the results.