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Originally Posted by 2000cs View Post
Since I joked about alcohol being on the list, let me add that having been very close to a real alcoholic and some other very heavy drinkers, I have become a very infrequent drinker and never to the point of a buzz any more (I actually like the taste of bourbon and scotch, both neat). Alcohol abuse is no laughing matter and addiction is incredibly difficult to break. So my apologies to anyone struggling with that.
I can relate with this. I used to drink and party quite often until I was married to someone with a substance abuse problem. It wasn't any one particular substance, she just had to have something all the time; and to the point where it wasn't fun for her or anyone around her. It was really sad and extremely difficult to be married to and care for her. It truly made me not want to drink anymore. I'll drink casually on occasion with friends but I couldn't tell you the last time I was drunk. Financially speaking, it seems like a waste to spend the money only to feel like shit the next day.