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Hi Everyone, I'm new to this Thread and have the exact problem with my 2014 X3. Bought it last year with only 27,000 km (Like new) and when the cold hit I found that the driverís side is okay but the front passenger side switch works but the seat doesnít heat. Both back seat switches and seats donít work. I hooked it up to the BMW Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner and got the same 7 codes as mentioned in this post. Iím kind of like everyone else and want to fix this myself rather than paying big bucks to the shop. Iím not an auto electrical engineer and really didnít realize how complicated newer vehicle electronics but I did a lot of research and this is what I can up with.

Iíve also attached some images:

Image #1 shows the wiring to the seats and switches. The ones Iíve marked with the ďRed XĒ show the fault codes that we are all getting. Everything, including the driverís side seat comes from the Junction Box A34/Z1 however there appears to be a T Connector and ďX227í1VĒ which goes to everything that isnít working.

Image #2 shows what all the numbers and lines mean.

Image #3 shows the location in the carís wiring harness where the junction of X227Ē1V is located.

Image #4 shows the location of Junction Box A34 and A34í1B which in the glove box.

Image #5 shows the location of Z1 to Junction Box A34 and A34í1B

Iím not sure why everything after the junction of X227í1V isnít working and whether itís an electronic issue or the physical connection at that junction. Iím not even sure what kind of connection it is. Something has to be going on at that point being the driverís seat works fine and everything on X227í1 doesnít.

I havenít had a chance to see if I could get to the area of the connection of X227í1V to see if thatís the problem.

I may also be in left field on this being I really donít fully understand how LIN components work and link with each other. But with some of you replacing the passenger seat module with no results, it appears that all of the components are in good shape but not communicating for some reason.

Anyway I thought Iíd add this to the post in hopes that we could figure this out and save some money taking it into the shop. It may be a simple thing?
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