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Originally Posted by BMV///M3 View Post
On the contrary, I feel as if BMW is changing the rules mid game to take advantage of unprecedented times.
I guess I disagree. You're renting a vehicle from them that YOU can also chose to purchase. Now you want to turn around and be the 3rd party in a transaction to make a profit while completely isolating yourself from the costs of doing so.

So basically, you know that technically only you or a first party dealer can purchase the lease. It doesn't matter 99.99% of the time because BMW lease residuals are basically too optimistic anyway. Now, in a completely odd scenario the quoted residuals are actually way too low. So you want to take advantage of this but are upset because you have to actually follow the contract(which didn't matter before) and use your own funds to first secure the vehicle. So you call foul on BMW because they're stopping you from getting what's yours.

Lets say we had a reverse scenario where the used car market somehow crashed hard and the quoted residuals where way too good and now are 10 points too high. I wonder if these same people would be OK with BMW asking for compensation for the huge losses they'd face on every turned in car? No, they wouldn't and they would say sucks to be you and here's the keys.

Feels a bit like the customer is the one that's being greedy right now, not BMW. They're giving you an option to get the car but you don't like it.

*Note - The "you" above isn't actually you - it's just a hypothetical person
*Note 2 - I'm ignoring selling to a first party dealer and talking directly about the type of transaction in the OP.
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