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Originally Posted by gds52 View Post
Yours is one of the best looking X3 :-).

I read that you went from staggered to square for xdrive reasons.

With 9.5 wheels, 275 tires, et 36 (front) n et 11 (rear), was there any rubbing on front or back?
Im considering buying a 2006 X3 and I will need a beefy wheel-tire setup :-).
any information will be helpful. I already test drove one and really liked it.
My vision is to put all terrain jeep like tires during summer time, this will be me second car for winter/pothole/valet/NYC parking.
theres no rubbing unless there are passengers in the back and im driving through rough roads. My car isn't low enough to be rubbing with me and a front passenger alone.

u can def run 285's on 9.5 with the right offset. Once I got through these tires ill most likely be getting 285/35s.