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Originally Posted by ndukyh View Post
Looks promising. I didn't like the M235i spy photos (which were better quality than these) but love the official car so I wouldn't give my final judgment based on these.

I wonder when folks will stop complaining that BMW is making too many cars and realize that that's just the way the company is now. If it makes them more money and allows them to give us more awesome in the cars that we do want then what's the issue. Deal with it or move on. No whining necessary.
Exactly, if this helps the bottom line on the X3's platform. Rakes' em' in some more cash to get that M2 out with some amazing developments, i say make a variation of the variation of the variation. Make whatever the hell ya want! lol

I think I will draw the line at Pickup Trucks though. Even though for some reason the idea of a el-camino or maybe Ranger sized, X3 sounds kinda cool to me lol