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I have. The point is .....Your post is smoke. I installed the first RaceChip on the F90 platform in the US. It’s posted on the M5 forum. I’ve helped others install and set their units up. Zero issues. Countless posts about the others in my thread on the forum. I’m sure if you look at all F90’s there is someone who plugged a connection in wrong somewhere. “That guy” is always around somewhere.

I owned an F90 and I installed a RaceChip with zero issues. Actually have owned 3 different RaceChip’s. Over 40,000 miles logging. Over 3 different BMW platforms. Zero issues.

Hopefully the RaceChip for my X3MC will be here in the next 2 weeks.
No experience with RaceChip on BMW petrols, but a lot of positive experiences with BMW diesels and RC. First in X3 F25 20D, then X5 E70 30D and then X4 F26 30D. All with excellent boost to standard and no like in zero issues at all - in total close to 300.000 km with RC in above cars. Now looking for adding RC to my X4 G02 M40d. Only good experience and would always go RC than other manufacturers. Br Jens