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I live in an area with a very steep, long driveway and frequent icy conditions and often snow. FWD vehicles are in impossibility for me and I insist that visitors park up the street during winter. I'm a very active house/yard guy and must have some cargo capacity (mower, power washer rental, mulch, plants, occasional boxes). My '07 X3 is getting long in the tooth and hope get something more sporty with style. Been eyeing the A5 (love the body, all-wheel, fold down rear seats) but I can't get over the fact I will lament the overall lack of cargo. The X4 just may be an ideal fit. I just may have to head ot the NAIAS and steal a peak.

How much snow is there in London? How many hills? Not all of us desire 4x4 for off roading. It can be a necessity for 4-5 months of the year in some locales.