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Originally Posted by Max Well View Post
After analyzing these Performance SAV numbers I can't see how BMW would introduce the X3M with HP less than ~490. The competition in this segment is already intense and only going to increase, and rather quickly I suspect as Mnfrs keep raising the bar.
^This right here. As close to 500HP as possible. Lower the power output too much (shaving a 100lbs in weight won't cut it either) and the X3M places too low compared to it's competitors and will not be as special as it should. In less then a year, this class will be full of SAVs that push the performance/utility envelope. I think BMW has a chance to really make the X3M shine. It doesn't have to be the fastest 0-60 but for an AWD performance SAV, it should not be embarrassed.

The 2019 X5M (CLAR platform) will be 600+HP and will probably hit 60MPH in 3.5s. You can argue that the X5M is one of the best SAVs in it's class with many head-to-head match-ups putting it over the Cayenne Turbo. BMW should treat the X3M no different.

Originally Posted by Max Well View Post
It seemed a "Performance SAV Index" using Wt/HP multiplied by 0-60 time (to account for performance) then divided by cargo volume would yield a number which identifies maximum performance combined with cargo load (low number better). So I have now included that as a column along with cargo volume and provided sorts based on those as well. I also changed the X3M's est 0-60 times after reviewing the HP/Wt vs 0-60 time charts.
Performance/utility is where SAV enthusiasts are today. This additional chart weighing in the utility aspect is more than appropriate. Look how well (hopefully) the X3M in class!

Yes, SAV owners can be performance enthusiasts too and not have to resort to boring wagons, bloated SUVs and mini-vans. Good job sir.

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