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The comment that DTC should never be used once rolling on the road would apply if you have no vehicle handling ability.

I leave the vehicle in DSC (all TC on) when driving at higher speeds in slippery conditions. But if I'm driving around town, or driving in deep snow, I leave the system in DTC (one press). In those conditions, I'm not exceeding 30mph, and I am responsible for vehicle control. I find the X3 to be a lot more predictable in handling in DTC...there aren't circumstances where the brakes suddenly kick in and pitch the car around. The car slides predictably and progressively, and vehicle control is improved. You can steer with the wheel, the brakes and the gas. If you're a competent driver who understands vehicle control, driving under 30mph, I think you'll find DTC to be more effective (and more comfortable) under those circumstances.

I use TC off for my rally driver moments, on closed roads.