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Originally Posted by jdavid2 View Post
On a recent trip I went through some slushy/snowy conditions on steep curvy mountain roads in my my X3 35i and it handled great. Snow depth was only 3 to 6 inches average at 11000 ft elevation. I wasn't sure if I should leave the Traction Control (Push DSC button) setting on full timein these conditions as I was in steep windy moutain roads with poor visibility and didn't want to fishtail around corners or loose steering control, so I turned it on and off depending if I needed more traction (slippery or uphill) or wanted more stability (sharper corners or downhill ). I definitely noticed more traction with the Traction Control on and wanted to leave it on full time but didn't want to play around with the contorl limits with Traction either on or off, in dark, blizzard like conditions. Any thoughts or experience?
What kind of tires did you have on on that trip?