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Originally Posted by oguju View Post
Is that 3 weeks from completion of production or 3 weeks from arriving in California?

My X3 was done being made on 2/22 and then took about 2 weeks to get here to California. Now they are saying another 3 weeks to get from the final prep center to the dealer, which they initially estimated at 2 days.

I'm assuming something must have happened to the car during transit, so they have to fix it up now, which is causing the delay.
I'm not convinced that the car even goes to Port Hueneme.

My was completed on Feb 6th and left Sc on the 9th. My SA told me that, according to their system, the car would reach the port on the 23rd. Well, it ended up reaching the dealership on the 23rd instead.
Since the car goes through all the VDC prep in SC, I don't see why it would go through it all again in CA. I think that the cars go directly from SC to a distribution center and then to the dealership with no stops at the VDC in Port Hueneme.