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Originally Posted by slowblackx3f25 View Post
Hi all,

I finally got around to resolving the RPM fluctuations in my dad's x3 2017 N20 motor.

It was the transmission that needed to be updated. I got it reprogrammed at 313 Motorworks in Mississauga ,Ontario, Canada.

Khalid and his 313 team did an amazing job and fixed the RPM fluctuations by reprogramming the x3 transmission.

It was outdated according to 313. The x3 drives so much better now. No lag, no jerks, no issues at all. The RPM needle doesn't jump up and down while at a full stop in gear D.

The updated transmission programming fixed it!
At least for my dad's x3. Happy I got it fixed.

Anyhow, sorry for the long rant. This is how I fixed the RPM fluctuations/RPM jumps/RPM hang whatever you wanna call it.

Sometimes it can be Ignition coils, spark plugs, carbon build up, PCV, but I got these components checked and no CEL so it came down to transmission programming and so I got it reprogrammed.

I was also told it can be the timing chain but I had that checked by 313 Motorworks. Timing chain is good on the 2017 N20 motors.

Let's keep all our BMW's running strong and lubricated

Take care guys. I hope this helps.
Thank you, Im thinking it must have something to do with the transmission software given that mine only does the RPM rise in normal Drive mode. It DOEN NOT rise while in sport mode or manual mode.
Appreciate 0