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Chassis stabilization warning 4x4 ABS

Sorry about the long story. Hope someone can help me on this and help others in the future.
2012 X3 35i 54k miles.

This happened yesterday. Right after I started my car put it in drive, "Chassis stabilization warning” with the yellow 4X4 ABS symbol. Message said “drive moderately. Avoid hard braking. Contact or drive to BMW” I pulled over Used bimmerlink to pull error code. It came back with a lot of codes
Some that I understand are

Under DSC
480686, Wheel speed sensor – approach detection faulty
48068C, Transfer case clutch temp shut down, possibly overheating

Under Integrated chassis

Under Transfer box
440117, four wheel distributor gearbox temporarily shut down

Under transmission control
DSC interface(actual wheel speed HL/VL?HR/VR 0x254) signal invalid

Under radar sensor
480512, speed – DFA_EMF frequency overlimit
D3AC8D, Signal error(status hydraulic function, id: ST_HYDFN) Sender: DSC_Modul- Qualifier

Was able to clear all the codes except those under DSC and Transfer case.

Tried to drive the car, it seems to be drivable without suffer any power lost and noise.

So I was thinking about it is could be the wheel sensor caused it. Drove the car moderately for around 4 miles to buy something then head home.
After the stop, It started right up with the same warning. Scanned it again with about the same error codes. Started to drive home. Within 30 seconds, I feel a cluck and new warning on the dash, it said Transmission malfunction, do not stop engine. Continue driving may not be possible after switch off engine.
Due to my situation, I decided to drive home(about 10 miles away). The car ended up in limp mode, idling fine, but felt like I only have the 4th gear.

After a very slow drive for 30 mins, finally home. I realized that I cannot shifted off from D( Can’t even go to R, N or P). Since I am home, I have no choice but to shut it down. When I restarted the car, to my surprise, I was able to put it to R. I also don’t have transmission malfunction anymore. Only chassis stabilization with 4 x4 abs symbol. I scanned it again to see anything new.

Under transmission
421474, sensor technology: Inadmissible deviation from output speed and wheel speed(actual wheel speed HL/VL/HR/VR, 0x254) within gear shifting or in a non-positive state
CF2F02, DSC interface(actual wheelspeed HL/VL/HR/VR, 0x254)signal invalid

Under transfer case,
44011C, Powertrain protection deviated
440117, four wheel distributor gearbox temporarily shut down.

BTW, Bimmerlink said that my transmission temp at 227 degrees.(wonder if I damage my transmission)

Do you think the wheel sensor causing all these??
Appreciate 0