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I have no experience with Meguairs Gold Class and who knows that could be the best.

You dont need Zaino products if you just want to wash the car, use any car shampoo.

What I wanted was a product which is easy to use, does not require expertise, does not require special buffing tools, it seals the paint and is long lasting. I got it all in Zaino products.

1. To remove original wax before starting new polish, you need Dawn concentrate
2. To clay, you can use any available product, no need to use Zaino
3. To prepare the car body after clay / wash, you need Z-AIO
4. For polishing you need Z2 for light colored cars and Z5 for dark colored cars
5. If you want extra shine with polish, you can do multiple coats of Z2 or Z5 mixed with ZFX (accelerator)
6. You need Z6 for cleaning after every stage like base preparation, polishing stages
7. After polish, you need to seal the paint, use Z-CS
And obviously give a wash of Z6 again.

No doubts, you need many bottles but they contain liquid polish which can be easily applied, dried and cured and easily buffed with a cotton towel lightly to get instant shine.

People have done two coats of Z5 and 1 coat of Z2 to get extra shine. Its individual's preference. To start with, just go for one coat and see the results.

Some people use Z-AIO and Z-CS, thats it. Its upto individuals taste. Some do not like too much glossy finish whetreas some like that.

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