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Originally Posted by FX3OK View Post
I have the 2012 x3 28i with tech, exec and premium packages. No bmw apps pack, which i dont care for. It comes with the usb/audio socket in arm rest plus usb socket in glove box. I can blue stream or use white apple cord in arm rest, which will display album art.
sweet. thanks for the info!

Originally Posted by Fryguy29 View Post
Just for clarification, the apps package also includes MOG and Pandora. Those two apps have great functionality, and were easily worth the cost of the upgrade. It might not matter to you or others, but I didn't want people thinking BMW apps is just Facebook and twitter, which I agree are useless and stupid to have in a car.
MOG + Pandora = US only; basically makes the apps package in Canada even more useless!

Originally Posted by klik View Post
According to the Canadian brochure posted here (and our dealer) 2013 X3s have 6NH (USB Integration with Bluetooth) standard.

We ordered without those packages. We were shown a 5-series without them, iPhone USB music and album art worked fine on the small screen, and we were assured the same would be true with the X3.

Now we're just waiting for delivery...
what had me confused before was that if you order the Tech package, it would delete 6NH.

Originally Posted by tanstudio View Post
I can confirm that my X3 28 with Premium come with USB port. But I didn't purchase the BMW App
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