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V1 One (was a valentine's day gift many years ago from wife, best gift ever) on dash, waze turned on and look 3 seconds forward 1 second rear view mirror driving all the time for me. Don't use detector in VA and DC cause those Troopers will lock you up if busted using one there. I used to scan opposite side of the highway as well when I was younger but that takes a lot of toll on you mentally and physically on a long drive. Don't speed constantly, slow down a bit where cops hide, usually back of an onramp and come from behind, highway dividers where they make a U-turn. Don't drive on left lane constantly(illegal in some states like mine, NJ) and when its lighter traffic hide in middle lane, close the gap and slingshot using left to middle and so on like they drive in Europe. I am talking to you NY drivers on NJTP Obviousbly if another lunatic is coming up fast on your six let them go and get on ther tail leaving some gap. Its best if you get a tailer also so that you are sandwiched and less chance of being puller over. Don't buy a red/yellow car or anything with a wing. Unfortunately German cars are also secondary targets after civics with huge useless wings! Get a PBA card from a cop friend and use it when pulled over. If you hear a plane and saw a sign saying speed checked by aircraft, slow down. Most cops work 9-5 shift so less of them at night time. Those are my tips folks.

OP, defintely get a lawyer as others mentioned. Take an online defensive course after the verdict if you still get some points on a reduced charge. Well worth it. You don't know when you will the next one and fines build on previous fines.
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