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Many thanks for the quick reply. few more questions.

Originally Posted by alokbhargava View Post
Every Nav system is different and one needs to get used to it to like it. No doubt BMW Nav is not the best. Now to your questions:
agreed. i wouldn't purchase a car without nav these days, especially on a model like this, but i have found the pioneer nav systems on the honda to be really good!

3. Best way to set the volume of the Nav is when you are about to leave. Set the destination on Nav and start the guidance, when you hear the voice, try to set the volume. You can do this also next time by setting guidance off and on, you will hear the voice again. Do this multiple times until you get the vol what you like. X3 has speed dependent volume setting for all voices and music, go to the common settings and do it.
Will it remember the voice volume, or do i need to do it every time?

5. For seeing the traffic information you need to set two values, enable traffic information and set the type of the traffic information. Once this is set and you are on the Nav screen, move iDrive once to left and select triangle for traffic information. You will see the traffic information as well map on split screens. You can use the traffic information to guide you properly if you set the dynamic guidance on.
From the manual. pg 141...Is this not available?

Additional information in the map view
Depending on the map scale, a traffic obstruction's
length, direction, and impact are displayed
in the map using triangles or gray bars along the
calculated route.
▷ Red: congestion.
▷ Orange: stop-and-go traffic.
▷ Yellow: heavy traffic.
▷ Green: clear roads.
▷ Gray: general traffic bulletins, e.g., construction
The displayed information depends on