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Originally Posted by hogwldfltr View Post
I was researching my failed charge pipe and also came across this article. I was wondering how many out there had experience this? I searched the forum and saw nothing obvious. Should I worry? Is it just an attempt on the part of the repair facility to muster business?
BMW is smarter than people give them credit for. The crank hub was designed to be the fail point should the car over rev/money shift instead of the whole engine being kaput. It's designed to separate the timing mechanisms from the crank and rotating assembly in the event of a engine-life threatening over rev.

Over time with lots of wear and a modified engine this part can fail during high rpm high load driving because it sees more wear than bmw anticipated. It would still take a good over rev to get it to pop.

This was really only an issue on a few manual S55 cars (that were over reved) but the internet did its thing and turned it into a huge problem. To my knowledge there's been 1 DCT car that had an actual crank hub failure and it's because it over reved and had a bad trans tune on it. I do not know of an auto N55 having a failure. I don't follow N54 stuff so I am not a good outlet of information but I'd imagine it's similar to S55.

I do not want to be a @Riick here but it's not a good idea to replace it if you don't have a failure. It's designed to save your engine for when your being stupid. I'd rather have to replace a crank hub instead of putting a new engine in the car.

To answer your "should I worry" question, I'd say absolutely not! Enjoy hitting 7k! Because I am a firm believer in the theory of 'A redline a day keeps the carbon at bay' I redline all of my cars once every time I drive (as long as the oil temp is warm ) While I do not have the most powerful x3 on here mine is FBO and on an E30 map so I'm making good power over stock. If mine never fails yours certainly won't.
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