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Originally Posted by Rodion View Post
Nice choice. In a test, they were second behind Michelin X-Ice.

Michelin scored 7,6 out of 10 and Nokian 7,5.

Dunlop was second to last with 6,7 out of 10.

Tests were done in Finland... and these were studless winter tyres.

I went for Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 (with studs) and total with rims and taxes they were 1000. Though I have to say the rims are replica, not BMW oirignal.
You have a link to that test? Although I am a bit skeptical after reading results. I got the continental's based on the high reviews on tirerack for summer, and they are the worst tires I've ever had. They slide in the rain, provide no grip, and suck on cornering. So now I don't know if I should get the dunlops

Anyways, whoever is in Montreal, I was looking and seems to have very solid pricing. Maybe we can get a group order together?? If you want PM me, and we'll get a big order together and call them, see if we can get a discount.