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A thought for all of us....

Originally Posted by Fliplegend View Post
Funny how most if not all die hard F1 fans I talk to say Monaco has no place in today's calendar yet even Damon Hill kept saying how the championship wouldn't be the same without it.

It's pretty bad when I watch almost every race these days in fast forward.
Embrace the hybrid area....accept the new aero packages....understand the tire's no different today from the change(s) in the 50's....60's....70's....80's....90's....00's....10 's....

Back in the day, tires changed, aero changed, engine displacement changed, normally aspriated vs forced induction changed, refueling changed, seat belts were added, helmets were mandatory, roll hoops were mandatory, fuel cells were mandatory, crash simulator energy absorbing design was mandatory, halo driver protection was mandatory, etc....etc....etc....

"We're in it to win it"....meaning, we're F1 affocianados because it's THE most complex form of motorsport on the planet....and we lament the changes, we lament the what-if's relating to F1's current administration....but in the end of the day....FIA's F1 show is the quickest/fastest open-wheel single-seater product for race fans to follow....with all of it's underbelly....and all of it's tech and speed.

I will never forget arriving in Monaco from the train where we were staying in Nice, and finding our way to our seats in Casino Square....with a HUGE TV screen in front of us that allowed viewing the course from our seats....and looking straight ahead at The Casino....and to the right....The Casino Hotel....and seeing F1 cars coming straight at us before they turned right and down the hill....clearly IT WAS MAGIC.
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