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Just an update - Car dealers in this area must be doing well or maybe they don't want my money because I have yet to hear back from the BMW dealership for almost a week (two emails and one voicemail left the other day), the Acura dealership sent automated responses to my inquiries but nothing since. The Audi dealership never responded. Now I know I could just stop by but I figured this is the 21st century and sending a build configuration of what I'm looking for would prompt either an email or phone call introducing themselves.

So my latest question if I bought from a BMW dealership not local to me could I still use the local dealership service center for BMW recommended service and warranty work? If I needed a loaner would that be provided by BMW care or is that a dealership perk when buying through them. I would rather stay local but if I can get a better response and deal from a place an hour away I am not against making the drive to buy from.

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