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Originally Posted by Briant73
I have contacted the BMW dealership about an extended test drive but awaiting word from them. I also am looking at the Jeep 2014 Grand Cherokee, 2013 Acura RDX and 2013 Audi Q5. Infiniti and Lexus are off my list due to lack of dealerships less than an hour drive away.

I have yet to test drive the Q5 or RDX but some thoughts from looking them over both online and in person and also the 2013 GC:

Q5 - a Little too rounded for my tastes but Audi has put some thought into this design and it's probably right behind the X3 for my choices. With the 2.0t it may be less expensive than a comparable x3 28i but I would need to drive it to see how performance compares.

GC - This is a different vehicle than the others both in looks and driving. I like some of it but was surprised given it's exterior dimension how that interior seemed smaller especially in height and I'm by no means a tall person. When driving this vehicle I felt it was controlled and quiet but the road feel/steering was vague compared to the X3 and even my current Highlander.

RDX - This vehicle comes with a lot of features for a desirable price but somethings that disapoint - no pano roof option, the AWD system is not as robust as the others, no rear vents, small glove box, passenger seat has no height adjustment, rear tailgate is flush with bumper. What I do like is that this vehicle can come pretty much fully loaded for under 41k msrp.

My plan is still to take the X3 for an extended test drive to figure out why I have discomfort from the seat driving position and if that's no longer an issue to see what kind of deal can be worked out.

Plan is to hopefully take an extended test
I agree, the lack of passenger seat height adjustment on the Acura RDX is a deal breaker, especially considering how low and uncomfortable the RDX seats are.