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I'd obviously rather have the purists wagon, but like people have mentioned there's no good configurations here IMO and the utility with an SUV is quite the wife/gf factor. She can hit something and it wont necessarily have the same effect with this one as a lowered 335D wagon on ADV.1's.

The car is excellent, especially if you are on horrible Louisiana (New orleans and Baton Rouge) city roads. What better than to have this to drive around everyday, any weather, tow the jet ski's, to the lake/dirt roads and keep weekend car tucked away for the real driving.

Yes the center of gravity is high, yes it'll never do what a performance based car can do despite what they "say." But I say, ride on a track in one of these with a real driver and SUV (SAV) haters will probably shut up. These cars are fun, the utility on top of the performance will make you smile a lot and you can readily modify them if you want more (the 450hp X3's will be a sight to see) ...