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Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
Correct. Red square powers entire USA. However, you have to account for weather, different times of the year, sun hits the west and east cost differently etc. So you would need to have multiple red squares across each time zone the the majority to the south for when the earth is tilted away from the sun like during the winter. We have the space, tons of space.

Using UHVDC like we do across ocean floors we could send the energy very efficiently across the NA continent.

The real kicker is this: If the whole world bought in, we would be sending the energy to the dark side of the planet while the light side is generating the energy and it would be a constant flow of solar energy around the planet...which already happens, we just do not harness any of the solar radiation and most just goes into warming up the earth and shining in our eyes.

I mean you really need energy storage as well but this would work with the technology we have today. We and MANY countries have PLENTY of open unused space. China, Russia, USA, Maxico. Lots of open unused space to harvest solar energy.

There is never enough of the earth covered by clouds that this would not work, especially with some energy storage.

Now this would be a MASSIVE undertaking and politically insane to get passed as countries always want to monitize it and do not think about the greater good. Imagine free energy for all via solar.

How in the world is this free when it’s more expensive than traditional energy sources?