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Originally Posted by F30NFifty5 View Post
So last Sunday, I accelerated pretty aggressively to get around someone driving like a @*&%... I felt a little stutter/clunk and next think I know the triad of death popped up on the cluster.
4X4, ABS, & Brake lights came on, but went away after I turned the car off for an hour and restarted it. But throughout the week the lights kept coming on about every other time Ive driven it. So i'm going to assume the gear in the transfer case is close to being warped.
I amazoned a new actuator gear and it arrived yesterday. I plan on installing it myself tomorrow... looking for advice/tips from anyone who's done it before or is familiar with the procedure.
Here is the DIY you are looking for. Took me about 1.5 hrs to do when I got hit with the triad.