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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
^ Good point. One of the reasons I wanted an overall plan was so I could eventually put in irrigation (makes no sense to put it in them have to move parts of it). Watering an acre lot sucks using conventional means.

Good to factor in if the landscape architect/company provides that service or partners with one that does, OP.
I have a .75 acre with an irrigation system and my next door neighbor doesn't. he tells me all the time he wished he would've done it when the house was first built but felt at the time what the hell does he need an irrigation system for but later after getting his landscaping done he has to make time to water by hand a couple times a week sometimes 3. and there are times he misses a complete week and his plants/flowers start dying. he says it's a PITA to always have to worry about watering. I have 14 zones on my irrigation so i'm not sure what that would cost my next door neighbor to have one installed?
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