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Wrt the landscape architect:
1. Get a sense if the landscape architect can match your preferred style (e.g. modern, olde English, traditional, etc...)
2. Determine if they are an artsy-type and if you are good w/ that
3. Find out about warranty on plantings
4. Budget. can the project be structured in phases (if the total $ is too high)? do they care if you do some of it yourself?
5. Pricing structure. break up material vs labor vs haul-off for different sections and/or phases.
6. is the landscape architect part of the company providing the labor or just a guy in the middle cutting a fee?

In general:
1. Use local plants as much as possible. Even better if they are sourced local.
2. Consider upkeep costs. Are some plants water thirsty, prefer shade, drought resistant, etc...?
3. If they do any downspout burying, make sure the 'technique' is per your desire (e.g. leaf grates, substrate at the end drain, french drain, etc...).