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Originally Posted by porkipine69 View Post
Can anyone advise me on this situation?

I brought in the car once to my local service advisor in FL. They took pictures and then contacted a rep. The rep responded with a visit but I had already left FL to the west coast for serveral months, the service advisor said ok bring it in when I come back. The response took him 3 weeks so I didnít want keep waiting before making plans.

The peeling has gotten worse, so I decided to try fixing it here in Seattle figured it would be the same process. I didnít want to wait till I get the car back to the east coast to do it. So I contacted a service advisor and he asked me to send pictures here in Seattle area (Bellevue BMW). A few hours later the service advisor said the rep responded with ďbmw will not cover the repairĒ. The service advisor told me to contact the selling dealer, which I did and Iím waiting for a response for now.

Iím pissed how this BMW of NA rep would decline a repair if they havenít even seen the bumper in person. Meanwhile the FL one was going to review in person just timing didnít work out with me. Multiple body shops have told me this was a poor prep job thatís why the paint isnít sticking. The bumper has never been repainted so clearly a manufacturers fault.

I know Iím not the only person with this issue so I wanted to know if anyone knows any keywords or internal bulletin where I can point this regional NOrth America BMW Rep to. Is there something I need to say to even get this guy to come out to look at it. I havenít responded to the new service advisor yet after he told me to contact the selling dealer. In my mind, wtf is the selling dealer going to do, but Iím always open to options so doesnít hurt to try. I was thinking I would come here for a little advice before responding.
From my experience, BMW doesn't make it easy for the owner to get this paint issue recognized as a warranty item. I've had to forcibly follow up and cajole my SA to get the ball rolling and follow through on getting BMW to recognize the paint issue and finally approve a paint correction.

The following is a quick summary of what I had to go through to get BMW approval to repaint my bumper and rear spoiler.

- Shop Foreman review and validated paint issue
- Regional BMW rep review and validated paint issue
- BMW Engineer review and validated paint issue

Current process has BMW needing validation from the Regional Rep and a BMW Engineer; the shop foreman can look at it and agree but that won't really do squat.

As far as being told to go take refer to your selling dealer to get the paint issue addressed, I'd say that's utter bullshit. There are 2 dealers in my area. (I purchased my vehicle from dealer located farther away; the dealer that looked at the paint issue and ended processing the paint issue claim was the other dealer) the rep you dealt with is either misinformed or lazy.

It definitely sucks having to jump through hoops just to get this issue recognized given that this issue is BMW's fault not the owners'.

Expect having to visit the dealer multiple times to get this looked at. Also, Regional Reps and BMW Engineers are not readily onsite to look at your vehicle; from what I've been told they visit once a month so you'll have to work your schedule to catch them.

PiTA yes it is. Good Luck
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