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Originally Posted by ukstevens View Post
I'm pretty fussy about tyres and their condition and probably change my tyres earlier than most and never skimp on quality, mainly because of having a blow out a number of years ago due to a defective tyre that I shouldn't have been driving on, rolled the car and nearly died as a result (lesson learnt)

I've used winter tyres in the UK for the last four winters, I have never bothered buying wheels I just have the tyres changed over and store them. Like most others I have looked at YouTube videos of tyre tests and read numerous articles and reviews, some of which are impressive others not so. The end result is that I'm no more expert about the subject of winter tyres than anyone else posting on this forum but what I would say is that for me even if its a 1% improvement whilst I'm travelling at 70mph on a motorway, that's good enough for me because that may well save mine or someone elses life or at the least save a damaged car.

I accept that buying a complete wheel set is an investment but having two sets of tyres doesn't actually cost any more because while using your winters you are saving the summers .... so overall very little if any additional cost (unless my maths is wrong)

Just my 2c worth

I agree and that's a good balanced argument. I also think that on the economy you get some back if you sell the winter wheels if they're in good condition and as you said you save on wear on the summer tyres.

Changing tyres more frequently also gives you a chance to check for uneven wear and adjust the tracking

The other slight drawback is that they wear more quickly and they shouldn't be used too much at high speed - not sure on the detail exactly but I try to keep below 80 with the winters on.

If you keep the car long enough to see you through a set of winters (in terms of wear) it probably works out not too much more than replacing the summer tyres more frequently.

My main gripe on the statistics and the whole 7C thing is the marketing that makes statements like "big improvements" at any temp below 7C. I wouldn't call a max of 5% on wet and -1% on dry roads a big improvement personally, particularly not when there is a 40% improvement between a new tyre and one worn down to the legal min.

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