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Keyless - will leaving key in car drain battery?

I asked this of the dealership's service guy, and he said yes. We are talking about keyless with comfort access.

Our practice with our '06 530 xi sportwagon, which needed to have its key inserted into the stalk ignition switch to turn the car on and start, was to leave a key in the door pocket, when parked in our secure garage.

We found out the hard way that leaving it in the ignition prevented the system from going into full "sleep" mode and drained the battery. I know the same is true for an '01 Porsche Boxster.

But what about the keyless new '12 X3 35i we have now? If the key can be sensed by the system, does having it in the door pocket in the car, certainly within sensing range for an ignition "on" and start engine operation, drain the battery when the car is just sitting there?

And what about approaching the car in the garage to open a door and get in? If you have no key on your person, but the one you have is the one you left in the door pocket, can you inadvertently lock yourself out of the vehicle by touching the ribbed part of the handle top?

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