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Question Tail Light STILL not working after fix

Vehicle: 2011 BMW X3 (F25) x35i

The right rear tail lamp (the led bar) is not lighting; it is the inner lamp not the one on the tailgate. The turn signal light works. The brake light works. I've already replaced the LED control board with a new Mean Well LDD-500L led driver.

Referencing the photo below I applied 12v battery power to the 2 gold leads. Nothing. I checked voltage from the very thin black / gray wire (located at right) and the very thin pink / red wire (located at right); attaching my multimeter + and - leads to those to locations on the driver produced 12.1 volts. It appears to be passing power from the Vin side to the Vout side.

Could my issue be a bad fuse which controls JUST the led bar within the right rear tail lamp? Sounds unlikely but i'm all out of ideas. I have to assume the led light died. And for the record i cant make any sense of the heiroglyphs of the BMW fuse chart or wrap my head around why there is a fuse box within my glovebox and another in my trunk.

Thanks for any tips

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