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Update on Stage 1 JB

Wanted to provide update after a few weeks of driving with JB set at 4.5. No bugs or issues to report. It is a very quick car now, the change from standard 3.5 to 4.5 seemed to give a mild increase, but nothing dramatic. But overall the change from stock is very significant. Previous car was a stage 1 cobb 135i. I'd say 0-50 or so they would be very similar because of the all wheel drive whereas the 135i had massive traction problems. Highway speeds the tuned 135i was much faster. Because the JB doesn't really have any failsafes that I'm aware and its getting colder, I always leave it in comfort drive rather than sport mode or sport + until it is warmed up, as to not get too much boost from the sensitive throttle when engine is still cold.

Overall happy with the product, I still have my Cobb accessport, so if they ever get around to X3 flash I'll certainly give that a shot and compare.
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