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Originally Posted by Beyu View Post
I've already spoken about the heated steering wheel in another thread so I won't get into it.

I'm curious as to why you want the convenience package, the convenience package & dynamic handling package are the only two things I didn't order with what would otherwise be a fully loaded 35i.

Here's the reasons why I don't think the convenience package is worth it:

Xenon Headlights/Adaptive Control: This is the only thing that's worth it imo and you can add it as a individual option.
Cargo Net: Useful if you store a lot of small things in your trunk, not useful if you do. The backseats do just as well.
Comfort Access: To me this is a cool novelty more so than something you need or is useful. Considering how the X3 is keyless start, when you compare it to a normal remote key the only real difference is that with convenience access you now no longer have reach several inches farther with your hands in order to get into your pocket and push one button. The other difference is starting your car engine. I only consider this useful if you've been outside for a long time on a cold day otherwise I personally wouldn't want my car running in my garage, stinking it up with noxious fumes.
Rear Manual Side Window Shades: Useful but become obsolete if you tint your windows, plus tints look better.
Power Tailgate: This seems useful if someone has suffered an injury in the past but otherwise most people would be able to close a door by themselves. Come on, there's four other doors on the car that aren't motorized.

All in all I'm not trying to put down the options you've added to the car but I've seen your posts over the last few weeks and it seems like you want to get as much info or opinion as you can. Just trying to see if I can save a fellow owner some money.
No worries, sir. The more feedback, the better it is. So provide away.

I went with the package because The Power Tailgate and Xenon Headlights are a must for me. So that if you option it separately is $500 and $900 or $1300 in total.

And doesn't the Power Tailgate feature allow you to open and close the trunk with your key fob?

And I want the Comfort Access for the remote start ability, so that when my car isn't in the garage, I can start it from my home, and let it warm up and heat the car for example. And that was another $500 making it $1800.

So the entire package was $1850, so I went with the package instead. Hence, my logic.

BTW - Given you have the sport package, and I'm thinking of getting it as well, I've gotten a lot of pushback from my friends saying that over time it becomes uncomfortable and is harder. I didn't find it that way in my test drives. Any thoughts?