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Originally Posted by sfax View Post
The main problem I have is the opposite: I stop somewhere like a 4-way traffic light crossroads and know I am in for a long wait, i press the brake pedal firmly for it to stop the engine and it doesn't stop (despite the engine being warm, no aircon etc). The next day it will stop with a cold engine only 1 minute into a journey with the blowers on. Sometimes it seems to randomly get it wrong which is frustrating
Same as you, I reckon I have mastered the brake pedal technique for it not to switch off, but do find it annoying at times when it doesn’t turn off the engine when I expect and want it to, or it does, when I don't expect it because the engine is still cold!

Although I have got used to and quite accept ASS, I do feel that having acknowledged their customers’ preference for a “last user mode” on the feature in the US, they should also allow it in Europe but maybe it also depends on the particular dealer. The fact all M models (in US) now have this mode as the default setting from production clearly shows there is a requirement for it.