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Originally Posted by Rich4 View Post
Agreed, but you sort of get used to it in time. Another attempt to reduce CO˛ and save the planet at your expense, but most manufacturers are at it. Possible saving for anyone doing lots of city driving, say 2%-3% of fuel bill which equates to €50 a year. However, this doesn’t account for additional stresses put on other components (starter motor) and thus reducing its life cycle and at a cost of five/ten times as much to replace including labour cost.

Similar to the eco-mode con (sleep mode) which purports to reduce fuel consumption by showing an arbitrary supposed saving, at the expense of reduced driveability.
I totally agree. In addition to the starter motor there's the small issue of when the actual motor shudders back to life each time - somehow that cannot be good to have the motor go through that repeated on and off on every trip.

I also hate it when I get to a circle, come to a quick stop and (immediate) go because of an opportunity to slip in real fast. But no! the motor has already shut off and there is that delay, however small, to restart it. I think (in my opinion) that it is a safety risk.