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Originally Posted by plymjack View Post
I think it depends on whose ears... Most people seem to be able to determine a improvement as their system beds down as has been posted here by many X3'ers, maybe it is to delicate for some peoples ears?.

The ear is a fantastic sensory organ and will pick up some very small changes, but the improvement in the new speakers is clearly aurally discernible by most users.
Most people "sense" an improvement with after market air filters
But most dynos don't show any HP gain
On the contrary, some of those filters actually lose power
So what we perceive, and what is fact, don't always match up

If you are saying there are noticeable differences
How come no scientific test has ever measured this ?
I've searched a lot for any measurements done on new speakers, and those same speakers after this so called break in
Never found any that showed a difference that was outside the margin of error for the tests
0.2db is small enough that it could be measuring error
And I doubt any ear here can detect 0.2db
The average wear can't detect changes less than 3db