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Originally Posted by NYCX3 View Post
I think most of the break-in periods for professional home theater systems, headphones, etc, are mentioned by the manufacturer in order to give the user's brain "time" to get used to the new system, and not return it right away from first listen.
I'd like to measure a speaker when new
And again after 100 hours of "break in"
I doubt there will be any difference
I don't think speaker surrounds affect the sound
And that's the only think I can think of that changes after break in
The voice coil is a wire, it doesn't break in, nor change over time (unless you're using it above rates specs)
The spider maybe does get a bit looser, but to affect the sound?
I doubt it
I think the 2 components that affect the sound a lot are the cone and the material it's made from
And the speaker basket and the material it's made from
Neither of those change after break in