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iND Painted Roundels + CG Precision VSC-2 Valve Controller

iND Painted Roundels + Floating Wheel Center Caps

Added some iND painted roundels. Very very subtle but they do make a difference. I opted for the painted spinning wheel roundels as well. Gimmicky but I like that sorta thing. Paint is perfect as per usual. Install was a breeze. Thanks to IND-Distribution as always.

but for the bigger upgrade...

CG Precision VSC-2 Exhaust Valve Controller

Enter douche-mode.

After installing the full Akrapovic exhaust, I was still wanting more. With the OEM valve control, the exhaust sounds was barely audible. The valves were closed more of the time than when they were open, even in Sport + mode. I wanted the ability to open them up at lower RPMs even when driving around town alone, but of course, want to keep them closed when ferrying the kids around to keep the noise level down.

It was a longggg wait (six weeks) but itís finally here. Enter the VSC-2 valve controller. Iíve actually had it years ago on my old F80 M3, but have since gotten rid of it since I switched to BM3 and had more freedom with the exhaust valves/burbles through the tune only. With no flash tuning (through OBD) on the S58 in sight, I figured Iíd go back to using this product since Iíve had a great experience with it. I didnít think it would be compatible, but with other G8x M3/M4 owners having great success with it, Iíd give it a shot as well.

So far, Iím happy. Install was a breeze as per usual. It only took me 10 minutes to test it out and make sure it worked, and probably another 15 minutes to ďclean upĒ the wiring. When purchasing, I opted for ON: OPEN and OFF: default, since I figured the car was so damn quiet stock anyways, there was no reason to ever have the valves fully closed.

With the valves fully open, the exhaust note is MUCH louder than before. I can actually hear the damn thing. Yes, At highway speeds, I KNOW this thing will drone, so having the ability to turn it off I can eat my cake too. I just wanted the ability to drive around town with a louder exhaust because the child douchebag in me enjoys that sorta thing.

So yeah. Anyone who thinks their exhaust is too quiet, opt for this valve controller as well as any other mods (midpipe, axelback, etc.). Itís cheaper than the Dahler or Akrapvoic, and install is an absolute breeze. Just be prepared for the wait if you do order now.

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