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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
pics of the grille badge and vents badges when blacked out ? please?
As 'proof of concept' would say it is a success. Took 18 minutes in total to apply the painter's tape as a precautionary step and then the oil paint. I haven't spent much time cleaning up around the letters/numbers but it doesn't look like it needs much. I bought three 75 cent cuticle wooden push tools so I can dip the ends in paint thinner to clean it up later if I wish. The reason you see the small paint brush - the front grill badge becomes 3D as it curves so the sides of the X and the 3 which face each other are deep. So I just kept pushing the paint tip down on some aluminum foil to develop a small drop which I then picked up with the brush to paint those deeper inner sides.

Only thing I would do differently - make sure you have good lighting as mine wasn't good since it was cloudy and misty outside so I applied in the garage. I should've spent a few more minutes to set up appropriate lighting, but for $7 and less than 30 min of my time, I'm pleased I no longer have the chrome 'X3M' sticking out from the rest of the Comp elements.
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